SU1 - Crooked white wine glass

Product description

The SU2 red wine glass is a masterclass in form following function. Crafted from 100% recycled glass, its elegant bowl tapers seamlessly towards a sturdy base, ensuring a comfortable hold and optimal aeration for your favorite reds. Looking for a conversation starter at your next dinner party? The SU2 practically guarantees it. Guests will be drawn in by its unique design, leading to discussions about art, balance, or simply the joy of a well-crafted, slightly rebellious, wine glass. When you see this glass straight, it's time to go home

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Volume 220ml (to the rim)
Rim diameter 60mm
Bowl diameter 75mm
Stem & foot height 115mm
Overall height 180mm
Weight 200grams
Range Crooked
Found in
Crooked Glasses White Wine Tableware